Cupping Massage is where silicone, plastic or glass cups are placed on the body and either left in one spot for a period of time, or is glided along the area of the body. With cupping, I am able to affect deeper tissue, increase range of motion, and remove fascial restrictions. Modern cups that are made of silicone or plastic and use a mechanical suction device to allow for the suction, are used in my clinic.

Benefits of Cupping Massage

  • may feel more comfortable when receiving myofascial treatments

  • ability for gentle to deeper treatments

  • improves relaxation

  • aids in pain relief

  • increases synovial fluid to the joint

  • increases circulation

  • improves mobility in adhesions and scarring

What to Expect!

  • cups may be placed in one spot for a number of minutes or can be glided along the area

  • you will feel a suction of your skin pulling into the cup

  • the cups, when gliding, will be pulled in an upward position which may feel a bit different than during a non-cupping massage

  • some areas may feel more tender than other areas

  • cups will not be used for the entire duration of your appointment. Hands-on massage will also be applied.

  • you may have post treatment soreness similar to a deep tissue massage

  • you may have cupping marks post massage. These marks may not be visible immediately but may come in about 24-48hrs and can last up to two weeks. The colouring of the marks can range from a light pink to a deep purple. These marks are NOT bruises. An example of what colouring may occur can be seen in the photo below.

  • it is important to stay hydrated with water after treatment

There are some precautions and contraindications for Cupping Massage. We will discuss if cupping massage is appropriate for your treatment goals.

The pictures posted below are an example of what marks could possibly appear post treatment.